An Alternative Solution

A Clear Word 

A Listening Ear 

Listening comprises more than 50% of learning. Dr. Vivian describes herself as a lifelong learner. Seeking to hear the essence of the matter is of utmost importance. Demonstrating concern for the speaker while teasing out delicate issues, helping identify solutions, while getting buy in and ownership are the goals for each session.

Dr. Vivian M. Jackson is an author, counselor, and dynamic conference speaker. Together with her husband, Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., she pastors Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, MD.  For 35 years she has served in the DC, MD, and VA area through her unique articulation of the Word of God. Dr. Viv seeks to offer a clear word to life’s problems, underscored by practical hope; bringing confidence to the heart and healing to the body and soul. Check out Dr. Vivian's Blog Snippets and Tidbits

An objective voice in the middle of chaos can be a source of solace, wisdom, and guidance. Occasionally it is necessary to secure the assistance of a third party. Affirmation and clarity are invaluable when making major decisions affecting life goals and personal choices.

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